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Welcome to InternetHaus!

InternetHaus is a web development Haus. We design, develop and manage web sites for companies who ask for nothing less than exceptional results online. We approach web development from a business perspective first. We improve your bottom line!

InternetHaus specializes in e-business strategies. We contribute ideas, services and products that complement and improve your online presence, reduce costs or re-engineer business processes. If you don't have an e-business strategy, we'll help you create it. We're good at what we do, that's why when customers come to us, they keep coming back.

We're innovative! We started by getting customers first to market. Today we pride ourselves on giving customers the knowledge and support they need to stay there.

If you decide to work with us, you'll find we foster and nurture a long-term relationship. We move with you as your business changes and offer the services that you are ready for, just when you need them.

Our business is generated by "word of mouth". We work with mid-size companies, although we have developed solutions for some of the largest companies in the world.

We specialize in the areas of e-business, e-commerce, new customer acquisition, customer retention, print catalog/online integration, membership services, boutique web hosting and online marketing.

InternetHaus has developed solutions for:

Pharmacia Upjohn (Rogaine)
IVAX Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Cordis Johnson & Johnson
abc distributing, LLC.
Ritchie Swimwear
Becker & Poliakoff, P.A.
ARE - Association for Retail Environments
NADI - National Association of Display Industries
Atlas Global Investments
Blue Escapes, LLC.
and many others...

Disclaimer: We are too busy building sites for others to build our own.